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Wedding Emergency Kit - Small Essentials to Stop Big Problems.

We always hope it will never happen, but sometimes, at some point, something may go wrong on your wedding day. I’m not talking about big scary things like your venue burning down, or your weird uncle tripping over and landing on your wedding cake, I’m talking about small things that can be quite stressful but easily fixed if you have right thing with you (like a button falling off your dress).

Small essentials can save a big problem on the day!

To fix these problems as soon as they occur, I carry around a small ‘Wedding Emergency Kit’ while I'm photographing, on the off chance something might happen on my client’s big day, so I can jump in and help. If you or a loved one are planning a wedding, consider having a few of these things hanging around, just in case you might need them!

Items and things I put in my Wedding Emergency Kit:

‧Firstly, things that can fix clothing issues. I’m talking a small sewing kit, safety pins, hemming tape, a tiny pair of scissors and the such. Chuck in some hair clips, bobby pins, earring backs and blister blockers and you’ll be pretty much covered if the bride has an issue with her dress /hair/jewellery or gets a blister! Clear nail polish is also great for nail issues and to stop rips in stockings getting worse.

‧Medications - keep some paracetamol handy and some hay fever tablets for good measure.

‧Water (easy to forget!). I tend to keep a pack of bottles in my car for anyone who needs one during the day.

‧Snacks - a bit of chocolate never hurt anyone!

‧Breath mints/mouthwash (for after above chocolate).

‧Tissues or handkerchief. Someone will definitely need to borrow one.

‧Hand wipes/hand sanitiser.

‧An umbrella (you never know!).

‧Socks (plain black) - you’d be surprised how many groomsmen forget socks!

‧Pen and notepad.

‧Super glue - can fix shoes, decorations and more - always handy!

‧Tape and some fishing line - same as above.

‧Power bank - just in case a phone needs charging.

‧Itinerary and plan of the day, along with contact numbers for everyone.

‧Fairy lights! This is something I carry as a photographer - perfect for creating extra dreamy photos with that golden glow.

And that’s it! A small collection of tiny but extremely useful things. If you’re a bride/bridesmaid, consider having a small bag with the above in, so anyone can grab it on the day (unless you book me as a photographer, then don’t worry - I’ll have it!).

Is there anything you think I’ve missed? Something you wouldn’t leave the house without? Comment below and DM me on Instagram and tell me what it is - I’d love to hear!

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