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Top locations in Perth for your next photo session

Perth is a bloody beautiful city to live in and visit (duhh! I hear you say) and because of this, it can be hard to choose a location when you are planning your engagement session or next family photos. Do you go towards the ocean and our gorgeous beaches? Do you head inland towards our beautiful forests and trees, finding a secluded spot in the bush? Or do you decide to take a stroll through some eye-catching architecture and explore a cultural hotspot?

Luckily, I am here to help take the guesswork out and help make choosing that little bit easier! Here are my top 5 recommendations for stunning locations around Perth that are perfect for your next photo session.

1. Of course, at some point on this list, there is going to a beach. Perth is the beach capital of Australia (or maybe even the whole world), so I’m just going to throw it in there as number one (even though this list is in no particular order). There are so many options both north and south of the river, but one beach I am particularly fond of is still relatively unknown. Alkimos Beach, about 30 mins north of the city, offers wide flat sand, a touch of soft coastal dune and a quiet escape from the crowds that flock to the more popular spots. Often upon arrival, you will find you are the only people on the beach, free to enjoy the serenity all to yourself. Sounds pretty perfect to me, when you’re chasing those dreamy empty beach moments where there is no one around but you and your loved ones.

2. Next on my list is the secret / not-so-secret ‘Secret Garden’, found near Balcatta. Nestled amongst the quiet suburbs, upon arrival you find a lush fresh JUNGLE just waiting to be explored. Creeping vines are in abundance, thick trees create the most stunning dappled light, and tiny trails wind and weave through it all. Again, another great location to find a moment between yourselves, as the jungles hide others from view (and leaves you space to sneak a kiss without people passing by ogling at you!). It might not be a complete secret any more, but it sure feels that way once you enter.

3. OK, so we love the natural beauty Perth has to offer but what about somewhere with a few more… buildings? Fremantle, that’s where. Old-school heritage buildings are in abundance here and exploring the streets can be so much fun. Artwork is everywhere, alleyways beckon to be explored and the whole place is just so dang beautiful. Plus you have the option of the beaches nearby if you want a change-up and Fremantle Market has a billion options of local tasty delights, so you don’t even have to hurry on home after your done with your photo session…

4. So we’re getting to the sharp end of the list now. Have you considered the Swan River before? Spots along here to tend to be a perfect mixture of natural and man-made. You can find plenty of gorgeous parks that meander down the river banks and then go ‘en-naturale’. Often quiet, always beautiful, there so many options along the shores that once you decide on the Swan River, you might find it even harder to choose one spot! Green Place Reserve near Mosman Park is just one of the locations that I love (perfect for weddings too!).

5. Finally, we’re at the last spot on my list, and personally, it’s my favourite. Yellagonga Regional Park stretches quite a distance around Lake Joondalup and has such a wide variety of areas, from natural bushland and views of the lake to playgrounds and parks and calming pine forests. The variety is astounding and there is something for everyone, with them all within a few minutes of each other. Oh, and to just top it all off? It’s dog-friendly, meaning you can bring your pooches and have them in the shot too!

Soaring pines and dappled lights in the pine plantations around Yellagonga Regional Park

Well, that’s my list done of my top five recommendations of locations around Perth for your next photo session. What do you think? Were there any locations on there that surprised you? Any that inspire you to create beautiful photography with your loved ones? I’d love to hear your thoughts - send me an email or Instagram DM and tell me where your favourite spots around Perth are!

Now that you’ve got some great locations ready to go, follow this link to hear my top tips for getting the most out of your photo session and how to plan for it…

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