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Perth  -  Swan Valley  -  Broome  -  Down South  -  Australia

Photography is more than just about taking a picture. It's about capturing a memory, locking a moment in time, forever caught in a still frame. It's about taking the viewer back to that moment and reliving it with all the senses, all the emotion that moment held.


It's why I love being a photographer, and creating art with my work that sparks that feeling in your heart is what sets my soul on fire. So whether you're getting married, engaged or simply love your family, I would love to be involved in every moment.


Your wedding should be fun yet emotional, comfortable yet a bit crazy. I't the beginning of an amazing new adventure and planning it can be daunting -that's why I'm here to lend my expertise and make sure it's everything you hoped for (and more!).

I'll be there to catch up for coffee to discuss your plans before the day arrives, be organised and prepared when the time is here, and working hard to build you a beautiful collection of memories you'll cherish forever. 

So if you're looking for someone who will be there to lend support, make you laugh with his terrible dad jokes and capture your love in all it's dreamy glow, then let's chat. There's nothing I'd love to do more!







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Connor Stephen

Photographer - Artist - Story Teller